We look forward to serving you

Welcome to Sycamore Rod Company and thank you for visiting us.  We are a U.S. company located in southeastern Pennsylvania with a goal to provide anglers fishing rods made with the latest carbon fiber composite materials. We select and use high-quality components in terms of guides, reel seats and handles.

If you are like me, you cherish the moments on the water. We all have high demands in life and when the opportunity presents itself to take a few hours, a weekend, or longer to get away – we grab it.

What we are doing at Sycamore Rod Company is taking decades of fishing experience and passion for this sport and applying it to the process of modern rod building. When it comes to selecting a rod, the options seem endless. Sycamore Rods are not mass produced, but precision crafted individually
with the needs of anglers, like you, in mind.

  • SRC005-S1-L22: 7'6" One Piece Spinning Rod

    This is a fun rod that will allow you to drop shot for bass or tie on a small plastic when you come across a crappy school. If you happen to be targeting walleye, this rod will provide the action needed to entice them and the sensitivity to hook into that trophy.

  • SRC006-S1-L22: 7' 0" One Piece Spinning Rod

    This all-purpose rod is ideal for those times when you need to figure out what the fish are looking for. The rod enables you to present a variety of lures whether it’s casting the banks or heavy cover. Weighing only 3.9 ounces, it will allow you to make the casts needed to figure things out on those challenging

  • SRC001-C1-L22: 6'8" One Piece Casting Rod

    A multipurpose rod great with spin, crank and top water baits with enough backbone to pull these lures along while creating the action needed to trigger a strike. A fun rod to have when you want to jump in a kayak.

  • SRC003-S1-K22: 7'2" One Piece Spinning Rod

    A versatile rod that allows you to throw various lure types such as soft plastics, jigs, and crank baits whether you are targeting big bass with a buddy who is all in or out with friends having some fun. At just four ounces, you will enjoy using this rod all day and your arm will thank you that night!