Summer 2023

Summer 2023

With mid-summer upon us, we had a heat wave here in PA last week, nothing like the folks are experiencing in the South and mid-West, but hot nonetheless!  With the water temps in the high 70s this time of year I really enjoy the late evening fishing with the sun set and throwing a drop shot or Ned rig in about 20 feet of water, the 7’6” SR005 with extra-fast action and ultra-light power provides the action and sensitivity needed to attract and feel those sensitive bites.  But the real fun begins at dusk when I put down the soft plastics and go with the top water lures.  Here I use a 7’2” with fast action and medium-heavy power, check out the SR003 and SR004 casting models.

I am lucky enough to fish a lake with a strong population of striped bass.  Especially this time of year when they chase alewives into the shallows and just crush them.  The challenge is this happens late at night and into the early morning hours (not as easy to do these days as it used to be for me!).  But with the help of a little caffeine, it still gets done.  Whether it’s soft plastic swimbaits or the hard plastic crankbaits, I like to go with a 7’ fast action and medium power rod that can handle the aggressive take and run.  Hopefully this is the year of the 40”+.

I hope you will enjoy the rest of the summer and time on the water!

Dan Staud

Sycamore Rod Company
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